Omninoct Medics, LLC

short term staffing solutions

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Omninoct Holdings, LLC in the business of providing short-term staffing solutions to hospitals, urgent care facilities and outpatient clinics in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.
Our scope of practice includes but not limited to;

  • Provide temporary healthcare staffing coverage to acute care & post acute care hospitals
  • Provide medical consultation services to assisted living facilities
  • Provide telemedicine services to facilities
  • Concierge medicine services to select individuals

How We Operate

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Although there is an abundance of healthcare providers in the United States, this luxury is limited to large metropolitan and some suburban areas. Leaving rural and certain resource poor areas with permanent staffing challenges. Our company aims to bridge that gap in healthcare delivery by providing short term staffing needs to these areas. If you are a healthcare provider who is interested in this noble yet rewarding career path, you will find a home with us.

Concierge medical practice is on the rise as some busy professionals and other gracefully aged individuals do not have the leisure to book an appointment to see their primary care physician, sometimes several months ahead. Or tolerate long wait times at the visit. We provide for a retainer on call services that includes a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse or pharmacists to serve the needs of this privileged few.

We also work with organizations to provide telemedicine services which reduces the cost of healthcare provision. We do not utilize our own platform for these services.


Commercial business project idea

We have plans to invest heavily in home health care services as well as assisted living facilities in the medium to long term.


Great business production idea

Coming soon so stay tuned.

Shenon Le Anderson

Energy engineers

Shenon Le Anderson

Energy engineers

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